Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Game Guide (Playstation 2 and Wii)

I'm back with another Sonic guide that I read. Sonic Unleashed is a game with the famous blue hedgehog doing what he does best: saving the world from Doctor Eggman (also known as Doctor Robotnik). In the mist of Sonic stopping Eggman again as Super Sonic, he captures Sonic and drains the power of the Chaos Emeralds to unleash a beast inside the earth called Dark Gaia. The side effects are that Sonic turns into a "Werehog" (refered to as WereSonic for the rest of the review) and people act very differently than they would normally, at night. Unlike the people, Sonic is the same on the inside when the sun goes down, despite looking like a beast. The main plot is to restore the Chaos Emeralds' power and stop Eggman as usual. I could go on and on about this game, but it would be rather boring if I did so. The guide itself really helps, but only if you have the PS2 (Playstation 2) or Wii versions. The XBox 360 and Playstation 3 versions are very different versions of the game and there's no guide for them, though the story is just the same. Sonic Unleashed is another game I highly recommend, but then again I may be biased, because I like Sonic a lot.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Onion - Sh*tload of Mathwork Due Monday

As I have mentioned in my "Good Night Bush" entry, I really like comedy and satire (usually depending on the topic). My Resource Room had a copy of the comedy newspaper "The Onion" and one of the articles was pretty interesting. This particular article was called "Sh*tload of Homework Due Monday" (censored for school reasons). It looks at how a teacher assigned an assignment right before the bell rang and how it was a pointless one. To sum up the article, one of the interviewees said one word. Because this is a school blog, I won't say it on here (Hint: It starts with "F" and ends in a "C-K"). Overall, the humor in that one article is sure to brighten any student's day when one is suffering having too much homework

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition 2008

Did you know Sonic The Hedgehog has the longest running video game comic series ever? Or that Super Mario Brothers 3 is the best selling game of all time (not including bundles with consoles)? You could learn this and much more in the Gamer's Edition of the Guinness World Records. If you're a fan of the Guinness World Records series or just love video games, this book is for you. The Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition book is very similar to the regular "World Record" books, but this one has records of gaming such as high scores, sale records and other high ranking stats. Facts like that "Tomb Raider is the most successful video game-based movie" and "World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with 9.3 million subscribers to date. The good news is there's going to be a 2009 edition, so be on the look out for that, if you like the 2008 edition.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Broadway Outside Reading series comes to a close with a book about the last show (and my favorite), which I saw for the third time, Mary Poppins. The book's called "Mary Poppins: Anything Can Happen if You Let It." In actuality, it's three books in one. The main book has the same title as the whole collection and explains how Mary came from the books to the film and to the stage. There's also a design portfolio of sketches of sets and costumes that are/were used in the West End and Broadway productions of the show. The last book has pictures of the original Broadway cast for most of the show's parts. As for the show itself, if you expected to see the movie on stage, you're in for a big surprise. It's based off of the P.L. Travers books as well, so it's not all familiar territory for Disney fans. Personally, I knew all about it before I saw it in person for the first time and it's my favorite version of Mary Poppins to this day.

Outside Reading - Spamalot (to close in 2009)

The second of the Broadway O.R. collection is here, with an article on Monty Python's Spamalot. Spamalot is a show spoofing the medieval times, for those who haven't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. However, the jokes are more out there than in the movie (or at least in what I've seen of it). In addition, the humor keeps getting updated. For example, at the show I was at, they did a joke: "When's a plumber not a plumber? When his name is Joe" (It's a political joke). The bad news is that it's closing on January 11th, 2009. When it does close, it will have performed 1,582 performances along with 35 previews.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Outside Reading - Avenue Q Review

(this "review of a review" is based off a review from http://gonyc.about.com/cs/broadwayshows/gr/avenueq.htm)

As you may know, I was in New York in October. Starting with this blog, I'll post something related to each of the three shows I saw, starting with Avenue Q. Avenue Q, at first glance, seems like just Sesame Street for adults. However, it's much more than that. It's a story about a man named Princeton, who is moving to Avenue Q and wants to discover his purpose. He meets Kate Monster and the rest is history. At least, I won't reveal it for those who want to see the show. The characters are almost all puppets, a la Sesame Street, but there are some humans too. Keep in mind though, this show is aimed for adults and is not appropriate for children. The message of the show is that nothing's forever ("Your hair... is only for now, George Bush... is only for now" - "For Now" (song from show)) and you don't need a purpose to succeed in life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Video Game Heroes (In a Box)

Video Game Heroes

(Mario and Sonic, with their friends in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii/Nintendo DS))

Although they are fictional, video game heroes can be very good role models (most of them are, in my opinion). Looking back at artifacts to show it, my belief grew stronger.


This song called "Sonic Heroes, from the game (also called) "Sonic Heroes" sums up a hero's will to never give up and save the world.

Sonic Heroes

What goes up must come down
Yet my feet don't touch the ground
See the world spin upside down
A mighty crash without a sound
I can feel your every rage
Step aside I'll turn the page
Breakin' thru your crazy maze
Like a laser beam my eye's on you
Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Feel my storm its getting close
Headed your way

Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Bind you, confine you, defying your reign
Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Setting the stage for a heroes parade

I won't even hesitate
A second left to alter fate
And you try to strike but a bit too late
I got you hooked by my own bait

Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Feel my storm its getting close
Headed your way

Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Bind you, confine you, defying your reign
Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Setting the stage for a heroes parade

You can bet there ain't no doubt
As the words spill from the mouth of a hero
I can chase another day
Fight you all the way
Like a hero

And together we stand strong no matter how
No one can bring us down...

Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Bind you, confine you, defying your reign
Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Setting the stage for a heroes parade

Sonic Heroes (Heroes) (Heroes)

Sonic Heroes (Heroes) (Heroes)
Give me a reason and we'll find our way

Mario, Link, Wario (not a hero, but still) and Kirby dueling it out in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (image from nytimes.com)

Though most video game characters fight against evil, there have been occasions when game heroes have fought against each other. A popular example of this is the "Super Smash Brothers" series.

Mario and Sonic posing together in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (image from wiicade.com)

Gaming characters (especially mascots) have been rivals to each other. The most famous mascot rivalry is the one between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. Though Sega dropped out of hardware and the two characters aren't true rivals anymore, they are still competitive and battle against each other in "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" and "Super Smash Bros. Brawl."

Video game heroes have made an impact on one's imagination and help make the impossible possible to just about anyone. In addition, they show the willing to never give up, make sacrifices to save people and protect the world for the greater good of people. So, game heroes are just as influencial as real life heroes, because of these values that they show in every game.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Night Bush

One thing you may not know about me is that I really like certain types of satire or parodies. Whether it's on a website, a book or magazine, it's usually pretty funny to me. Enough about yours truely though, onto this book. "Good Night Bush" is a parody of the famous book "Good Night Moon" involving a certain president, written and illustrated by Erich Origen and Gan Golan. If you know the story of Good Night Moon, which is known to be a childrens classic, Good Night Bush will be familiar. Ironicly, replacing the comforting items in the original book are the events, people and other things that have made the Bush administration a hard one to get through for the past eight years. The subtle changes in the bedroom scenes are fun to point out and discover, and just like in the original book, there's a painting over the fireplace. However, it's one of a oil plant. To wrap this up, let's say "Good Night Bush" and "Good night Dick Cheney wispering hush."
For more information about this book, check out http://www.goodnightbush.com/

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What I've been Reading - Sonic Chronicles Guide by Prima

Lately, I've been reading the guide to Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood made by Prima Games. If you remember my last review about the Nintendo Power article for this game, you know I was excited for it. It's a fun game and the guide really helps get through the story. So far, I'm in the Kron planet area in both and have been using the guide to find all the Chao eggs (there's 40 different Chao that can come out of them) and to find what I'm supposed to do in the first place in the area. I highly recommend the game and the guide together, since it could help most people to get through the game and sucessfully complete it one hundred percent.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Main Trait Paragraph

(NOTE: The following paragraph has been rewritten due to losing the original in computer form)

A main trait I would use to describe me is kind. First off, I’m nice to everyone I know such as my friends and family, and respect others most of the time. I wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t like that. In addition, I’ve helped many people on quite a few occasions, such as basic things like holding a door open or picking up something that fell. I try to help when ever I can (well, if it’s something I want to help on and usually it is). All of these reasons and more are why give myself the trait of being kind.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Outside Reading

One thing I've read recently is a review for the upcoming game "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood" in Nintendo Power. Like most game reviews, it showed the good points like moves, dialogue and the feature of rasing Chao (little pet-like creatures that appeared in earlier Sonic games), without forgetting the bad points like the battle system's repetition. The rating it got, however, makes sure it'll be an awesome game when it comes out and I also learned a bit more about the game.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic X (Archie Comics)

My favorite books are the "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic X" comics made by Archie Comics (the same people behind the "Archie" and "Betty & Veronica" comics). Starting off with the regular Sonic comic, it's a huge departure from the video games' plots, especially in most of its beginning issues. It's mainly based off a cartoon called "Sonic the Hedgehog" (known to fans as SatAM (short for Saturday AM, when the show aired back in 1993)), but has mixed other Sonic continuties in as well, such as the video games and other Sonic cartoon series like "Sonic Underground". It's a bit darker than some of the games and other media Sonic's been in, similar to SatAM. Sonic X, on the other hand, is more slapstick, which I like. It's based off the anime of the same name, but has referenced the games on more than one occasion, such as a story where Sonic and friends are trapped in the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game (on the Sega Genesis). Despite it being light-hearted, as apposed to STH's (Sonic the Hedgehog (comic)) darker tone, both have the same type of action and adventure one would expect from anything from the Sonic franchise. Both comics are terifficly written and I have been collecting them since STH #127 (Sonic X came later).

Drew - Hall of Fame

This award honors Drew P., who graduated from E.H.S. 50 years ago in 2011. Since then, he became an actor and a comedian, getting critical acclaim on his show “Midnight Drew” that began on NBC in 2023. When he is not performing, he spends time with his wife and sometimes visits his kids. He has also donated proceeds of live performances to different organizations for children in need. Drew has also voice acted in a few shows, due to his different range of voices (a specialty of his shows), in addition to the show’s popularity. Drew has been known as a hero for quite a few people, not just being a comedian, but for making people smile and his charming personality, which has made working with him in high school and beyond, even to this day, delightful.