Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally, some humor!

As many of you don't know, I'm reading "The Blight Way" by Patrick F. McManus. It's supposedly a comic mystery, but I didn't really see the humor in it. That is, until page 27. There, I found the first humorous thing in the whole book. So Bo Tully, who is a sheriff, and his father, Pap as he's called, are on their way to solve a murder. They meet up with this group of guys who had car trouble. So Pap pours coffee into the battery terminals and tells the boys, "Anytime you need to stop to pee and your truck won't go afterwards, you try this." One of the guys, who is named Pete Barton, says "First time I ever seen coffee used to start a rig," and Pap says "Starts me every morning..." The funny part is that the coffee is being used to start up the truck and the clever comment by Pap is what brings in the humor. It's not all that funny, but I got a snicker out of it.