Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Main Trait Paragraph

(NOTE: The following paragraph has been rewritten due to losing the original in computer form)

A main trait I would use to describe me is kind. First off, I’m nice to everyone I know such as my friends and family, and respect others most of the time. I wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t like that. In addition, I’ve helped many people on quite a few occasions, such as basic things like holding a door open or picking up something that fell. I try to help when ever I can (well, if it’s something I want to help on and usually it is). All of these reasons and more are why give myself the trait of being kind.

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Jenifer (JL) said...

Drew- My name is Jenifer (JL) and I am a grad student at the U of M. I think that being kind is a fantastic trait-it's good to see that you take pride in that! I noticed that your Inspiration activity said you have trouble understanding other people's intentions. Bad news: that really doesn't change as you get older! I'm 25 and I still think some people are just crazy :) I'm interested in how Mary Poppins and Sonic fit together (?), but I appreciate that you read a variety of literature. I also thought it was cool that you play video games but also read books about them- us English geeks love to see people linking media (video games) with good literature (game books).