Friday, December 12, 2008

The Onion - Sh*tload of Mathwork Due Monday

As I have mentioned in my "Good Night Bush" entry, I really like comedy and satire (usually depending on the topic). My Resource Room had a copy of the comedy newspaper "The Onion" and one of the articles was pretty interesting. This particular article was called "Sh*tload of Homework Due Monday" (censored for school reasons). It looks at how a teacher assigned an assignment right before the bell rang and how it was a pointless one. To sum up the article, one of the interviewees said one word. Because this is a school blog, I won't say it on here (Hint: It starts with "F" and ends in a "C-K"). Overall, the humor in that one article is sure to brighten any student's day when one is suffering having too much homework


Alex R. said...

I think this blog is interesting :D and i would like to hear about what you say about peer pressure amongst guys, according to what you commented on my blog

Britta said...

Drew i love the onion! one of my friends shares the same kind of likeness to satire in society. Sometimes it really does suck to have all that homework due the next day!